Doha Oilmen’s Golf Tournament presented by Doha Golf Club         


Rules of Play

           Two-Man Team Texas Scramble

Teams will be in flight (Men's A, B, C & X Ladies A & B) by tournament handicap system.

Lowest handicap team will be in the A flight, etc.

Flight X is for teams with 1 or 2 players without an official club handicap – these teams are eligible for the gross prize and the hole prizes only



Your Official Handicap


DOGT Scramble Handicap

Convert your official handicap to the DOGT scramble handicap as per the table. Add your two scramble handicaps together and this will be your team handicap. Maximum handicap for men is 28. Maximum handicap for ladies is 36. The maximum allowable difference between your team members official handicaps is 10.


Player A has an official handicap of 10. This converts to scramble handicap of 2. Player B has an official handicap of 17. This converts to a scramble handicap of 4. This would mean the team receives 2+4 = a DOGT scramble handicap of 6.







31 - 36



27 - 30



24 - 26



21 - 23



18 - 20



15 - 17



12 - 14



9 - 11



6 - 8



4 - 5



2 - 3



0 - 1















Format is a "Texas Scramble"; both players tee off, and then choose one of the drives. Then both players hit from the chosen drive. (Continuing this format until ball is holed).

Chosen ball must be played" as it lies". The second to play must drop his ball within 12 inches of the lie of the first but not nearer the hole. (This applies anywhere except the green). If you put your name down for the hole prize, then you must play that drive.

A minimum of seven drives from each player shall be used. (This must be
indicated on your scorecards). R & A rules apply plus Local rules as
indicated on the scorecards. Mulligans are not allowed for the designated
'hole in one' prizes.

If a question on rules comes up, hit ball as it lies and a provisional ball from the questioned position, we will sort it out after completion of the round. (Declare the provisional ball to the team playing with you).

Shoot straight and enjoy the event.

DOGT Committee

Updated - 16 January 2012